Ready.. Set... ACTION!

Helloooooo my Lovies!

After a brief bout with the flu, I'm back & oh how I've missed you all so!  Ok, now on with today's post :)

How many of you are still committed to those New Year's Resolutions that you made earlier this month?  (By a show of hands please!).  For those of you who are, great job!  For those who are not, it's ok!  We all know that change is a gradual process and requires our steadfastness, dedication and drive but have you ever been so sick & tired of being sick & tired?  Have you gotten to a point where you tired of saying that you're gonna change but don't actually follow through or even begin to attempt to do it?  Let me say this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Just yesterday, the Lord revealed to me some things that I've been inconsistent with.  He showed me that although I said that I wanted to change some things, my actions were proving otherwise due to lack of consistency in changing.  It's like I know what needs to be done but in the heat of the moment, I don't always choose what I know I need to do.  And then I started thinking: do we really know that we can be in the way of our own blessings?  Our own breakthroughs?  Our own progress?  I felt like I got smacked in the face when I received this revelation and knew that drastic ACTION has to be taken immediately!

A lot of times, the things that are preventing us from change are our old habits and thought processess.  When we're embarking on a new journey and are experiencing change in our lives, it's ALWAYS very important to watch what we think AND how we think it.  Think about it, everything begins in the mind; that new business, that invention, that car, EVERYTHING!  If our minds are polluted, it can be hard for us to see where we are going.  No longer can we approach today with yesterday's thoughts.  No longer can we approach new opportunities with old mindsets.  No longer can we enter into new relationships with old issues.  We can't expect to receive anything NEW if we keep doing the same OLD thing!  It has to stop!And because it has to stop, I'm encouraging all of us to stop talking and start moving!  God gives us a new day every day & it's up to us to do with it what we need to do with it.  We can choose to approach the day with a new outlook and fresh perspective or allow ourselves to be boggled down with unhealthy thoughts.  We can choose to have a great day and actually align our actions to make sure we or just go with the flow and allow for life to approach us with whatever and whoever!  You wanna start going to the gym, then get up and go to the gym!  You wanna spend more time with family & friends, then spend time with family & friends!  You wanna start being positive, than be more positive!  All that we need to do is to actually DO what we say we will do!

So I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to doing more and saying less.  I'm also looking forward to us being women of our word and doing that which we have committed ourselves to do.  Will every day be a piece of cake? No!  Will we always have the energy to do it?  Nope!  But if we consciously make the DECISION to keep moving in spite of, we will find that will get to that happy place we've been trying to get to all along :)

Ready, Set, MOVE!
Amy :)


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