How Important is Your Image to You?

Hey Lovebugs :)

Happy Friday to ya!  How important is image to you?  Is it important to you the way in which you carry yourself?  Image goes beyond clothes.  I'm talking about your mannerism, your attitude, even your behavior.  Image is a total package.  It's not enough to have on the latest fashion trends and the cutest shoes when your attitude is busted!  I always say that our looks are what attracts attention but our attitudes are what keep it!  For today, let's examine our total image.  If I were to ask those closest to you, what would they say about you?  Would they say you're nice?  Would they say you're loyal?  Too many of us build our reputation solely on what people see and not on who we truly are.

Just for today, really think about the image that you want to portray.  Polish your attitude and not just your shoes.  Dress up your actions right along with your body.  That's nothing better than a well dressed woman with a beautiful smile and an even beautiful spirit to go with it!

Amy :)


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