First Fridays Guest Blogger: Marcus Antoine

Hello everyone, my name is Marcus Antoine. I have been a personal trainer for the last 4 years. Here are a few tips for anyone who is just starting their fitness journey.

Tip 1: Come up with a plan.
          Before you start working out, get prepared.  Figure out what you want to look like, how many days a week you have available, and how much time you will spend working out every session. Also what exactly you want to work on in your session. You get to your destination much faster and smoother with a map.  Make every moment count, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Remember that.

Tip 2: Focus on yourself.
          When you start only concern yourself with what you can do. Remember everybody has different genetics. You have to follow your own pace. Your goal is not to look like someone else but become a better version of yourself.  This is a time when you can block out all of the distractions of everyday life and completely focus on the progress of self.

Tip 3: Set realistic goals.
          This one could fit into the first two but I wanted to emphasize this tip all to itself.  I suggest you break your goals into 3 month periods. That gives you enough time to see some changes but not rushing the process. When you expect to change your body that has gone through years of non activity within months is extremely unrealistic. Also it will be very discouraging to your mental approach to the whole process. The way you eat, your everyday habits, and staying in shape is a lifestyle. It takes time to change your brain, but that's the fun part. Noticing your own progress and appreciating the process of change.

Tip 4: Stay positive.
           I suggest start reading self improvement books and material on the power of positive thinking.  Changing your physical form is only part of the transformation. The way you think will dictate how far you go through your journey. The hardest part of this will be keeping your head up when you hit that sticking or when everybody around is doubting your dedication.  The only person that has to believe in you is you! Don't be shook off course, test are there to see how bad we want it. All of us know if you want something bad enough there is no stopping the driven person from accomplishing their goal.

            I want to thank Mrs. Amy Ricks for asking me to write this for all of the people who are trying to better themselves through a healthy lifestyle.  I knew Amy in high school , she always had that smile on her face and treated everybody the same. I know everybody who knows her will  agree with me. It was a honor and pleasure to do this for her.

           If you have any questions you can send me a e-mail, or check out my Facebook/MarcusAntoine. I have some fitness videos posted. Also Mrs. Amy Ricks knows how to get in touch with me. Everybody out stay positive and never stop.


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