A Day of Rest & Reflection

hey lovebugs

today is a day where i actually get to relax a little.  whenever im afforded the opportunity to do so i make sure to take full advantage of it.  while relaxing i have also taken some time to reflect on the last year of my life.  my heart starts getting that fuzzy feeling and an inexplicable joy just consumes me.  often i tell my hubs how much i love our lives.  with the good and the bad the happy and the sad im so grateful for the life ive been given.  there is something about peace that can seem so foreign to some of us.  with the hustle and bussle of everyday life peace seems so unattainable.  

whenever you have the opportunity to rest please take it.  our bodies are designed to operate and rest.  yes we have a million things to do and a thousand things to do on our to do list.  but how about just for today you put yourself at the top of your own list.


ps i apologize for the all lower case post having some technical difficulties but im not allowing that to stop me for posting


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