In Order to Be Ready, We Gotta Be Prepared!

Hey Lovies!

I HAVE to share what happened to me this morning before I go into today’s post!  Immediately when I woke up this morning, my phone rang.  I was in such a rush to answer the phone but wounded up missing the call.  So I was waiting for the phone to ring again when God showed me that I hadn’t even prayed and talked to Him FIRST yet I was waiting to talk to someone else.  I got up and went to my altar and started praying.  But in the midst of praying, I was told to praise.  So I just started praising Him and as I was praising Him, something shifted.  I started feeling an energy within me and my mind and vision just started getting clearer.  I said Oh my goodness!  Things not only start feeling better when we shift our focus to Him but they start looking better too!  EUREKA!  I hope this blesses someone just like it blessed me J


Now, on to the blog post!


After my Eureka moment, God led me to Matthew 25 with an emphasis on verse 5 which reads “while the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept”.  I went back to the beginning of the chapter starting at verse 1, where it talks about the Kingdom of God being likened to ten virgins who went to meet the bridegroom.  There were a group of 5 who were classified as “wise” and the other group of 5 as “foolish”.  The foolish took their lamps but didn’t take any oil with them however the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. Now, while the bridegroom tarried (another word for tarried is delayed), all ten of the virgins slept.  Then at midnight, someone announced that the bridegroom was coming.  The virgins “woke up” and trimmed their lamps.  The foolish asked the wise to give them some of their oil but the wise told them it was not enough for them both.  The wise then directed the foolish to go to those who sell oil and get some for themselves.  Can you guess what happened? Yup, the bridegroom came while the foolish were gone looking for oil!  And because the wise were READY, they were allowed to go with Him to the marriage but not only that, THE DOOR SHUT BEHIND THEM!  Of course the foolish came back after the door was shut.  They even said “Lord, Lord, open to us”, but He answered, “I know you not.”  Ooh, how awful is that! So, what does all of this mean? Well, I’m glad you asked J


Point #1:  While we’re waiting for whatever has been promised to us, we rest AFTER we have prepared for it!  The wise were prepared; they had their lamps and their oil. The foolish had their lamps but no oil. Even though what they were waiting for was delayed, the wise were STILL prepared for it.  The foolish were not fully prepared but they decided to rest anyway. So, who’s position would you rather be in, the foolish or the wise??


Point #2:  We never know when what we’re waiting for will show up!  The announcement about the bridegroom came at midnight.  Now, many of us would be asleep at such a late hour but hey, when God is ready to show up, He just shows up!

Nevertheless, the wise got up and were ready to go. The foolish, not so much.  They were scrambling around trying to find some oil.  They even asked the wise for some of theirs!  AND while they went out looking for oil, they missed the bridegroom L


Point #3:  We cannot be ready for something we are not prepared for!  Wouldn’t you know it, the bridegroom came just as the foolish went to go looking for oil.  How many times have we missed great opportunities (or people) trying to prepare for them when we should’ve ALREADY been prepared for them?!?  (I’m guilty of this myself honey, don’t feel bad).  I can imagine the wise being front and center saying “Here I am, I’m ready to go!”  Their things were already packed AND they were rested for the journey! HA! 


It is my hope that after reading this, everyone will take heed and start preparing for the things God has promised us AND for the things we want.  If you’ve been praying for a husband, are you preparing to be a wife?  You’ve prayed for your business but are you increasing your skills? Your knowledge?  I believe God is always ready to bless us, but it just doesn’t feel good when He blesses us with something and we miss it by being unprepared.  SO, from this day forward, I challenge you (and myself) to do a better job at being prepared.  No matter how big or small a task is, the fact of the matter is we should start preparing for it.  So on your mark! Get ready! Set! GROW!!


Ames J






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