Facing and Fighting Your Fears

Hey Lovebugs, Happy New Week :)

I just wanna take the time to tell you all, that God really does help us with our fears.  I was very apprehensive about coming to God with fears that have been plaguing me; asking Him why He allowed certain traumatic things to happen in my life. Frankly, I didn’t wanna know the answer.  I was afraid of what He would say and what would be revealed.  But I wanted to be free.  So in order to free myself, I had to conquer the fear of even talking about my fears.  I’ve realized that I live some of my life in fear.  I do fear God but I fear Him in a way that terrifies me.  I’ve asked for help in this area and I am happy to report that He is working with and on me.  He truly is a good God and is ready to help.  All we have to do is ask!

Ok, so I really prepped myself for our conversation.  I said, ok Amy, no matter what He says, He loves you.  I just wanted get to the bottom of this.  I was so tired of the torment that comes from fear.  I‘ve been trying to handle it on my own because I was afraid that if I spoke what I feared, it would come true.  But something interesting happened.  When I prayed to Him, He answered me.  He broke things down step by step which gave me a better understanding of why I went through what I went through and the purpose of it.  And not only did He answer me, He assured me that He would give me rest from my sorrows and from my fears.  How cool is that!  And all I have to do (get this) is BELIEVE! Believe that I’m healed from my past, believe I’m delivered from my fears and believe that He will give me peace. It’s so simple for Him to tell us to believe or fear not but yet for some of us, it’s so hard to do.  We just have to remind ourselves that faith, trust and believing in Him WILL get us through!  God is able to do EXACTLY what He said He will do.  I believe He will and so should you!

Ames J


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