Day 3 of 31: Making Moves: Putting Our Plans into Action!

Happy New Week Lovies!

For most people, Mondays are the most dreaded day of the week but here at RPR, we're excited!  Our week actually begins on Sunday but our work week begins on Mondays, which, to us, means a fresh start, new beginnings and new goals to set.  Today marks Day 3 of our "31to13" series and we will be focusing on Making Moves: Putting Our Plans into Action!   Here's a recap for those who are just joining us:  On Day 1, we meditated on the areas of our lives that we want to change.  For Day 2, we rested (it was Sunday).  Now today, we are going to make a list of those areas we meditated on from Day 1. For example, your list may include: changing your spending habits, having a more positive attitude or seeking a new job.  Now for each area you want to change, write 3-5 steps of how you are going to change it.  Make sure to create realistic steps under each area.  Here's an example:

Changing My Spending Habits
1. Review my bank statements to see where I spend the most of my money
2. Keep a record of everything I'm spending for the rest of the month
3. Create a budget 

Please understand that change does NOT happen overnight so don't set yourself up for failure by setting goals in a day that will require a week or even a month to accomplish. And also, make the decision to stay committed and determined to change even when you're not having a good day or you slip up and do the opposite of what you planned to do.  Now, for those who may need support or are not sure of how to even begin the process of making lifestyle changes, consider participating in our Health, Wellness & Wholeness Plan.  The Plan is designed for those who would benefit from support and accountability on their journey to whole & healthier lives.  If you are interested in participating in our Health, Wellness & Wholeness Plan or know someone who may be, please email us at

We are 28 days away from a new year but most importantly a new YOU!  Invest the time and energy in yourself to live the most whole & healthiest life possible!

I'm rooting for you,

Ames :)


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