Submitting to the Process

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Oh how many of us wish that change was easy!  Why oh why does the process of changing have to be so dang hard?! Why can't it be that we decide to change and then wake up the next morning already changed?  If only it were that simple..  All of us has experienced the process of change throughout our lives whether we wanted to or not.  Change in our lives can be something small such as changing where we sit at school or work or something major such as changing the way we think and live.  One thing about change is that it involves a process.  Whether we submit to the process or not will determine how long we will be in the actual process.  In my last post, I shared that Hubs & I were starting our "Health, Wellness & Wholeness Plan" & we even invited others to join us.  The purpose of the plan is for people to begin & receive support on their journey to living whole & healthier lives.  We know that while participating in this plan, it will require a heap of dedication, commitment, consistency & hard work.  Since participating, I've identified (and was shown by Hubs) some behaviors that have hindered progress on my own journey to wholeness.  Was it uncomfortable to discuss? YES LORD!  But am I more than a conqueror? ABSOLUTELY!  It wasn't until yesterday that God revealed to me that while in the process of changing, we have to submit to the process.  What do I mean?  We have to be willing to let go of our old ways of thinking, doing & being and be open to God's way (which can be hard) of releasing us from self defeating behaviors & habits.  We have to be willing to keep pressing forward when it's time to confront ourselves & have those difficult & uncomfortable conversations.  Now, confronting ourselves is only the beginning but actually changing those behaviors & habits that keep us limited in growth will set us free!  This process is in NO way easy but in the end, it will be worth it.  Just last night, I had to have a difficult conversation with myself about why I was feeling the way I was feeling about an issue I've been struggling with for years.  With God, not only was I able to trace back to when I believe the feeling began but after digging deep within, I declared, out loud, that I am more than conqueror and that I am committed to change!  No matter how much it hurts and no matter how hard it gets, we must be willing to submit to the process so that we can move forward! It's no longer acceptable to just merely say we wanna change, we have to actually do it! 

This Health, Wellness & Wholeness Plan has opened my eyes to the behaviors & habits I need to change in my life and I wanna invite you to do the same.  Hubs & I are still accepting email addresses for those who want to participate and commit to living whole & healthier lives.  The beauty of this plan is that we are there to support and hold each other accountable.  Now, Hubs will be coordinating the men's portion of the plan while I will be coordinating the women's.  So gentleman, if you are interested in participating in this plan, please email and ladies, if you are interested in participating in this plan, please email

We look forward to supporting you on this journey on becoming a whole & healthier you!

Ames :)


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