Fashion Week! Rip the Runway, Styled by June & House of Consignment

Heeeeey Dolls & Gents!

This past week has had me pretty full of fashion!! (ok, I can never be full so lets say pleasantly satisfied) Not only did BET premeire this year's Rip the Runway but VH1 premiered not one but TWO shows dedicated to fashion lovers: Styled by June & House of Consignment!!

First up: Rip the Runway

Ok, I have to start off by saying that I was SO underwhelmed with RTR.  I mean, I could've actually went to bed on time for all of that :(  I was very disappointed with the fashions.  The only designer that gave me what I needed was Laquan Smith!  As far as the models, my CURVETTES (yes the Full Figured Divas)  gave my eyes something to stay open for! But, all in all, the best part about the entire show was the SHOES!!

Next up : Styled by June

First off let me say that I LOVE this show.  Other than the fact that the ultimate Fashion Maven Ms. Ambrose is a fashion stylist & a Gemini ( like myself owwwww), you can really see her passion for what she does.  She concentrates on rebranding from the inside out which is all Roxie's Powder Room is all about!  And I absolutely adore her assitant Eli!  Rachel... not so much :-/

Last but definitely not least: House of Consignment

Something about this show is a lil... dry to me!  This show seems like it's all business, which isn't a bad thing, but I just feel that she's lacking something...  I think I know what it is!!  I feel as though Cori is more in love with the business as oppose to the actual fashions!!  Don't get me wrong, I respect and appreciate the hustle of a femtrepreneur (female+ entrepreneur) but how can you not love all of those wonderful pieces that flow through your company on a daily basis?? After all, clothes are our friends :)


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