Standing Tall in Flats!

Hey Powder Room Pretties!

Happy Fall Foxie!  This post is dedicated to my girl, Miss Kriss ;-)

We all have those days where we just have soooo much to do.  Between meetings, errands, pick ups and drop offs, we can really do a number on our feet!  We live in our heels but less face it, we can still be tres chic even in flats.  How, you might ask? Let me show you :)

You can pair these cuties with a these cuties with a pair of jeans, shirt and cardigan OR for my business casual folks, a pair of slacks and a nice shirt

Not only do these babies add a pop of color, they add texture too ;-)

OF COURSE, I had to add some leopard print pretties in the mix! 

Definitely an essential for Fall Foxie, a nice flat boot in either brown or black will add a spice of edge to your ensemble!

Here are some other great ways to rock your flats!


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