Do the White Thing! Do's & Don'ts of Wearing White After Labor Day

Hey Dolls & Gents!

This post is dedicated to my Sis, Terria, who suggested I do a lil something on wearing white after Labor Day.  For some long, it has been considered Fashion Faux Paux to wear white once the clock strikes midnight the day after Labor Day.  You actually can!

1. DO layer your white (and winter white) with Fall pieces to make the transition smooth.

2. DO pay attention to the texture of fabric, it is very important as well (ex. cashmere & wool).  Cheap fabrics can RUIN your white after Labor Day experience :(

3. DON'T WEAR WHITE SHOES! Opt for nude shoes that are close to your skin tone

4.  DO wear head to toe white ONLY if you're rectangular shaped (think Kelly Rowland) .  White has the ability to make you appear larger so if you aren't rectangular shaped, select ONE white piece to draw attention.


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