How to Get Ready for Fall Foxie! Step II - Shopping! Item #4 - the Scarf

Hey Dolls & Gents!

New day, new beginnings :)  I don't know about you but I can definitely feel the beginning effects of Fall Foxie entering into our atmosphere.  The weather is starting get a little cooler, the sun is starting to set a little earlier and it's back to school time!  Another great GREAT accessory and must have for Fall is the Scarf!  I love scarves!  I love the different colors, the textures and their ability to transform an outfit from drab to FAB honey!

And we CANNOT talk about scarves without including my girl Hilary Duff! Self proclaimed scarf fanatic, I love her taste in scarf and can appreciate her love for them. 

And there you have it, one more item getting you closer to being ready for Fall Foxie! 


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