New Colors on the Block!

Happy Fashion Friday Dolls & Gents!

If ever there was a time to add color to your wardrobe, NOW IS IT! with the latest trend, "Color Blocking"!  Color Blocking involves creating a ensemble based on bright colored pieces that complement each other.  Department stores and retailers across the world have upped the ante for consumers with bright jackets, neon dresses and colorful shoes.  Wearing bold color from head to toe is very tricky because you don't wanna look like you're an heir to Crayola.  Not sure where to start??  First, build your outfit around one key piece, let's say this purple tank dress.

Next, add a statement shoe that takes the dress for casual to fashionable!

To complete the ensemble, add some gold accessories. Your accessories & outfit should never compete with each other so keep them simple.    

Or if dresses just aren't your thing & you prefer something more comfortable, start with a jean in a bold color such as coral.

Next add a shirt that complements the jean, I chose teal. (add a white cami underneath for a relaxed layered look)

Finally, complete your ensemble with a chic neutral flat.

Wanna see more?  Here are some other examples of color blocking that'll be sure to tickle your fancy!

Well there you have it!  Embracing color is something each of us should do to keep our wardrobe fresh and fun!  If the idea of color blocking absolutely terrifies you, take baby steps.  Start with a clutch or a pair of peep toes.  The more comfortable you get, step it up a notch!

Until next time,

Dress each day like it's your last!

Foxie Roxie :-)

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