Just How Important is Image to You??

Hey Dolls & Gents!

As a Psychotherastylist, it's very important for my clients to understand how important image is.  Granted, we aren't to judge based soley on the physical however the physical is the first thing we see usually when meeting new people.  Our image has the ability to affect major decisions in our lives i.e. career, relationships.  A person can be the most educated and best equipped for a position but if their attire doesn't reflect it, how realistic is it that they will get the job?  When dating, physical attraction is arguably the most important criteria when deciding to see someone.  Is that being shallow?  Is that fair?

Here at RPR, we take great pride in crafting an image based on our client's personal and professional clothes.  It's true that a person's personality and spirit are what truly makes a person beautiful but your image is your business card to the world.  We're actually selling ourselves every time we step outside of our front door.

Before leaving out, take a good look in the mirror.  Does your image tell the world who you are?  Does your image accurately portray the person you are striving to be?  Not sure? Give us a call today to schedule a consultation 410-645-0567!

Until next time,

Dress each day like it's your last!

Foxie Roxie :-)


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