Couture vs. Ready to Wear - What's the Difference??

Happy First Fashion Friday Dolls & Gents!!

It's FFF which means Roxie's Powder Room is Waking Up Your Wardrobe on WOLB's 1010 AM's Fashion Talk Radio.  Fashion Talk Radio is hosted by Thee Danielle Baker, Owner/Director of Signature Ink Modeling Company.  Signature Ink will be producing their summer charity fashion show, S.T.A.R.E, June 25th at the Clarence DuBurns Arena in Baltimore.  Not only do I have the pleasure of being the Wardrobe Stylist of the Backstage Beauty Team but I will also be PREMIERING my styling collection in the show!  WOOP WOOP!! 

Being apart of the Beauty Team has afforded me the luxury of meeting GREAT Designers, fellow Stylists & Boutique Owners.  In the wonderful world of fashion, a designer's collection can fall into one of two categories (fashion houses will present both): Couture & Ready to Wear.

So.... what's the difference between Couture & Ready to Wear?? I'm glad you asked :-D

Couture is actually French for "sewing" and it refers to clothing fit or sewn for an individual client.  In other words, the garment is customized for ONE person.  There can be a series of fittings taking place to ensure perfect fit of the garment .

**BONUS**  In addition to Couture, we have HAUTE couture.  Haute is French for "high" so haute + couture = "high sewing".  This refers to high quality garments, sewn with extreme detail using the most expensive fabrics.  This term, however, is EXCLUSIVELY reserved by European fashion houses who offer made to measure garments & are apart of the French Federation of Couture,  (think of Chanel, Valentino & Balenciaga).

Ready to wear  (pret-a-porter in French) refers to factory made/mass produced clothing, sold in standardized sizes (Small, Medium, Large etc.) Fashion Houses, department stores & boutiques offer ready to wear merchandise (think H&M, Gap & Forever 21)

So there you have it!!  But don't just stop here!  In 22 days, join Roxie's Powder Room for Signature Ink's S.T.A.R.E. charity fashion show! Tickets are on sale now, visit!!

Until next time,

Dress each day like it's your last!

Foxie Roxie

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