MMB ~ Monday Morning Blues & How to Overcome Them!

GM Dolls & Gents!

Happy Monday to ya!  Many us face MMB, you know not wanting to get up to start our day, feeling like the weekend was only TWO HOURS LONG seriously!  Then we face the task of finding out what in the world we are going to wear.  Here are some suggestions to help cure some of your MMB, hope they help!

1. Pick out your clothes for the week on Sunday evening.  If you just can't think of a week's worth of attire, pick out something for the next day bare minimum.  Try on EVERYTHING: clothes, shoes & accessories.  That way, you can see the total outfit and not have to worry about running out of time in the AM looking for that last touch to complete it.

2.  Start your day off with prayer or some form of meditation.  Visualize yourself having a great day, from the time it begins to the time it ends.

3.  Listen to music while you get dressed.  The same way you prepare to go out & have a night of should the same way you prepare for all of the other aspects of your life.  Life is meant to be enjoyed!

4. Make a to-do list for everything you plan on getting accomplished for the week.  I am the QUEEN of to-do lists because I function better with order and by making the list, we all can monitor all of the progress that we've made. 

So Dolls & Gents, Mondays no longer have to be the most dreaded day out of the week.  Planning carefully, visualizing greatness & maintaining order can minimalize your chances of having MMB!

Until next time,

FR :-)


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