Grand Opening of H&M at the Harborplace!

Hey Dolls & Gents!

Since it's one of my fav fav FAV stores, I had to check out the grand opening of the only H&M store in Baltimore City.  After walking through a crowd of 3 million people, I finally made it to my destination! 

Located next to the Fudgery, it was a breath of fresh air with it's fresh, new merchandise in the store's ice white interior.   Store opening sales greeted you as you first walked in, with shorts for only $12.95!!  (I was going to buy some but I was there to spectate, not shop) As I walked throughout the store, I really liked the layout.  Everything was very neat & organized. I really hope it's like this 3 months from now!

Sales associates working the floor (which were guys HELLO :-) ) were crusing through the aisles, folding shirts, assembling dresses and putting merchandise back in their right places added to the hustle and bustle of the store... but not anyone of them greetedany of the customers. Hmm...

**PLEASE EXCUSE THIS INTERRUPTION: Customer Service is SO important to me.  Every customer should be greeted by an associate with a smile and a hello as soon as we hit the door. No, you don't have to harass us or follow us, asking us if we need some assistance each time we attempt to pick up a garment.  You are there to assist us in our shopping experience.  Ask us if we need some help, offer some advice (if it's good), but PLEASE say something!**

I apologize for the brief intermission, now back to our regularly scheduled program.  Still walking throughout the store, admiring the layout, checking out sales, looking at how the mannequins were styled.

I take a walk upstairs (YES HONEY, it's two storied) and was instantly introduced to the smell of seafood!  I loooooove me some seafood!  The entrance on the second floor is surrounded by a couple of eateries. How nice, I can shop up an appetite and grab some steamed shrimp on the way home :-)

All in all, I was very impressed with the new store, (although I thought it would be a much better fit in the Gallery) .  The layout was great, the merchandise was immaculate and the sales were soo attractive.  As I left out of the store, I took one last shot as I bid farewell for the day.

Until next time my love... oh and don't worry, I will be back!

Foxie Roxie :-)


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