BLUES CLUES - Discovering What Jeans Best Fit Your Body Type!!

Heeeeeey Dolls & Gents!!

Today is FIRST Fashion Fridays here at RPR!!!  First Fashion Fridays are EXTRA special!  Not only do we have our FF topic of the day, but we also have our Wake Up Your Wardrobe! moment on Fashion Talk Radio at 2pm on WOLB 1010AM!!!  Who's excited?? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

So for today, it's allllll about JEANS!  What jeans best fit your body type?? Well, let's find out!

 Using the chart below, select which shape BEST FITS you!

 1. Apple shaped ladies are larger on the top half of their body. (psst, think Jessica Simpson)  They may have slim legs & thighs but their tummies and chest make their frame appear disproportionate. HIGH~WAISTED BOOTCUT/ SLIGHTLY FLARED JEANS are what need!  Either cut will create curves, giving you a more proportioned frame. 

2. Pear shaped ladies are larger on the lower half of their body (Alicia Keys comes to mind).  These ladies have the thighs, hips and/or booty! Owwwww!  DARK WASH BOOTCUT JEANS are what you need!  Choose jeans with Lyrca/spandex for best fit & also in a dark wash.  Keep it dark on the bottom and light on top.  The eye is always drawn to the lighter color.

3. Hourglass shaped ladies are pretty well proportioned (That dag on Kim Kardashian).  You have less of a chance not finding a great jean for you than our other shaped but TROUSER CUT/WIDE LEG are best!  It will give you a nice streamline effect!

 4.  Tubed shaped ladies (also referred to as rectangular/banana shaped) (my girl Kelly Rowland is your Motivation) have the overall frame that can make them look like a "box".  These ladies have minimal curves which  SKINNY JEANS can assist in creating the illusion of them.  Choose a lighter wash will make your thighs appear larger.


~Full Figured Divas should go for a DARKER WASHED BOOTCUT OR SKINNY JEAN.  These jeans will give you a more slimming effect

~ Petite ladies, STAY AWAY FROM CROP JEANS! They will make your legs look even SHORTER!  SKINNY JEANS are what you need!  Fitting your leg from the hip to your ankle, it actually compliments your figure.

I've included a few pics of some celebs that are rockin some lovely fitting jeans, CHECK EM OUT!!

Ms. Mary J. Blige

Garcelle Beauvais


Selita Ebanks

Zoe Saldana

Until next time,

Dress each day like it's your last!!

Foxie Roxie :-)

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  1. Hey Foxie,
    love the blog congrats to your success and good luck in your endeavors! O and I am an apple..toot toot and I never know what kind of jeans to buy still to this day!!!! Hey can you do something on the jeans with the slits for pockets on the back. You know which ones? they seem to make me look more plump in rearage area!

  2. Hey Boo! Any type of jeans that have higher pockets or any type of detail on the back make your booty look big. Also straight & skinny jeans help too because by them gathering at the ankle, they make your booty look fuller!


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