Fashion Fridays are HERE!!

Heeeeey Lovies!! RPR’s Fashion Fridays are in full effect! This FF is for my Lovies who wear uniforms allllllllllll the live long day, Monday ~ Friday and even weekends! When you have a day off, is it a challenge for you to find something to wear? Do you feel you’ve lost your style because you’ve allowed your uniform to take precedence?? Well have I got something for you honey!!

This is an example of an outfit you can wear during the day, whether you’re out running errands or meeting up for lunch. It’s chic, uber cute and most of comfortable!

Start off with a pair of bootcut jeans. This darker wash compliments just about all body types & fits deliciously! Owwww ;-)

*QUICK TIP: For those us of who are larger on the bottom (i.e. thighs, hips & booty), opt for a darker wash because a lighter wash will make your bottom section appear larger!

Don't be scared, PRINT IS OUR FRIEND!!! Grab a printed top to add some life to your ensemble. This top is especially great for those of us who have a little extra something in our tummy area (I know I don't have a six pack HMPH!)

Now you know I'm ALL about adding color to wardrobe! This mustard cardigan gives this ensemble an extra pop and it's very very comfortable!

Now, you can add some killer heels to complete this outfit but c'mon now, let's be real. When you running around the city completing errands, who needs six heels when a nice pair of flats can do the trick too!

Now on to the nighttime look:

This printed v-neck dress is great for a girls night out or even a date night out with your boo! *Please disregard the shoes in this pic, they are NOT Powder Room approved for this dress, please & thank you :-D*

Here's that pop of color again! These violet beauties finish off the ensemble rather nicely.

So here you are Lovies, a day time and night time look those of you who rock uniforms daily. Even though a uniform is required, it doesn't mean you have to lose your style!

Until next time,

Dress each day like it's your last!

RT :-)

*Want to inquire about any items featured in Roxie's Powder Room's Fashion Fridays? Wardobe questions you would like for Foxie Roxie to answer? Any topics you would like to see featured in Fashion Fridays? Send your questions and topics to, subject line RPR Fashion Fridays!*


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