Heeeeeey Lovies!

One of the first things we all can do to prepare for spring is… CLEAN! That’s right, get rid of all evidence of winter: the boots, the coats, the sweaters, EVERYTHING! Next, divide all of your clothing into three piles: KEEP, DONATE, & TR ASH.

The KEEP pile ~ consists of clothes that you actually WEAR!

The DONATE pile ~ consists of clothes that are either too small or big and don’t really feel attractive. (Yes, we really should only wear pieces that make us feel even more attractive than we already are)

The TRASH pile ~ consists of clothes that are either stained or damaged

QUICK TIP: When deciding what pieces to keep or give away, ask yourself if you saw it in a boutique, would you buy it again?

Once this process is complete, it’s time to concentrate on the fun part: WARDROBE! When we think of spring, we think of clear blue skies, great weather, beautiful flowers & colors. Spring/Summer wardrobe should consist of fresh fabrics and brilliant colors. Being a HUGE fan of a lady in a dress, I would definitely require that a few dresses be included in your wardrobe.

Also, when you’re out shopping (without me of course) make sure you are purchasing pieces that fit your lifestyle. This will help cut down those I-absolutely-have-nothing-to-wear moments. For example, if you have a career that requires you to be on your feet all day, it would benefit you greatly to invest in some really cute flats. (Like these cuties I found)

It’s quite alright to have the statement heel but realistically, your footwear shouldn’t be SOLELY comprised of them.

Don’t have enough money to have the wardrobe you really want? Easy fix: purchase accessories! Accessories possess the ability to really make an outfit. Grab some necklaces, earrings and bracelets and add to whatever you already have dear!

I’ve been doing some scouting for new spring inventory so I will definitely share with you the great pieces that I find!

Until next time,
RT :)

Dress each day like it’s your last!


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