Hey Lovies! I wrote this back in August 2008, so why not use it as my first post!

Wow, my first blog! Ok, so I felt compelled to create this blog due to the many adventures that I've had in Baltimore City. The common theme that I've discovered, especially in the past few weeks of going out with my homettes, is lack of uniqueness and creativity A.K.A. everyone looking like everyone else. Is it me or does everyone really look and dress alike? Excluding the few that appear to have taken the time out to put thought into their wardrobe selections, it's very boring to see the same thing week after week after week.
Ok, Ladies first:
Not everyone has the "right" body type to wear everything. For example, if you have extra pounds in certain places, by all means camouflage it, DO NOT exploit it. We all know that it's summer time and many of my ladies have chosen to wear shorts but make sure they are the right size. There is a difference between something being TIGHT and FITTING.
Also, if you are bold enough to wear a color that will draw attention to you, make sure your apparel is neat, clean and pressed. I've noticed on too many occasions where some of my ladies have stepped out knowing that there was a spot on their shirt, dress, shorts, etc. but assumed that since the venue would be dark, no one would notice. WRONG!
Last but not least, why is it that some ladies feel the need to match EVERYTHING!!! I mean, their earrings, necklace, bracelets, watch, belt and shoes HAVE to be the same color. That was so elementary school! Create a nice palette of colors that compliment each other. Start off with one article, let's say a dress, and build from there. Keep it simple and chic, don't go overboard.
Now, for my fellas:
There is nothing wrong with wearing a nice shirt and some jeans. The white t-shirt thing is old now, not unless it FITS. There's nothing more appealing to a woman than a man that dresses well AND has swag to match.
Something I forgot to mention for my ladies but it applies to my fellas as well: your shoe game. You can have the best outfit on but it can definitely be thrown off by having a messed up shoe game. No one is saying go out and buy $400 Stuart Weitzman's or $600 Prada's if you don't got it, just make sure whatever you wear is clean, scuff free and most importantly, IT FITS.
For both my ladies and fellas, the most, most important thing to me involving fashion mishaps doesn't even have anything to do with fabric, buttons or zippers. The most important things that flatters any outift is ATTITUDE and SWAG. When I say attitutude and swag, I don't mean conceit or narcissism, I mean confidence. Ladies, when a man approaches you, you don't have to give attitude right off the back. Listen to what he has to say and don't automatically assume that he wants something! Fellas, when approaching a female, please be respectful and tasteful. And remember, pick-up lines are useless!

Foxie Roxie :)
"Dress each day like it's your last!"


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